Best Touchscreen Phones 2011

As we get further into 2011, it seems that touchscreen technology on mobile phones is very much the in thing. Fewer and fewer smartphones are entering the market without a touchscreen display and even Blackberry got in on the act last year with the Blackberry Torch.

We will, of course, see plenty more touchscreen smartphones released over the rest of the year but there are already plenty out there that represent great value and will only get cheaper as new phones are released. Here are some of the best touchscreen phones out at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S

The release of the S II in the coming months will see this great phone drop in price and you could pick up a real diamond of a phone for a low price. The screen itself is great with a 4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen built in that utilises the latest technology in terms of zooming and pinching top get the best out of a good display.

iPhone 4

Quite simply a remarkable display. The best pixel ration on any phone at the moment at 960x640p and an 800:1 contrast ratio produce a display so vivid and clear that the human eye cannot pick out an individual pixel. Add that to an incredibly responsive touchscreen and slap it behind a panel that is made of the same glass as helicopters and high speed trains and you get a very good screen indeed.

HTC Desire HD

Another truly remarkable touch screen, pushing the boundaries of what we expect from a current mobile phone. A huge display, standing at 4.3 inches and possibly the most responsive touch screen on the market mean that if a touch screen is very important to you, this phone should be one of your first ports of call.

HTC Desire

Although not as good as it’s big brother. The original Desire is almost as responsive and is much cheaper so again, worth a look at.

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