iWallet: How Smart is Your Wallet?

iWallet with biometric technology

As far as I know, the world’s smartest wallet is the Proverbial Wallet, a wallet with financial sixth sense created by MIT student. But if you don’t care about your bank account balance, or you don’t need any warnings for your shopping decission, and you prefer to pay more attention in protecting your valuables: cash, credit cards, driver’s license, or social security cards from thieves, then iWallet maybe for you. Using biometric technology, the iWallet was developed to recognize the owner’s fingerprint choice. Unauthorized access is simply locked out.

iWallet with biometric technology

Available in Carbon Fiber hard case ($599.95), fiberglass ($399) and polycarbonate ($299) models, the iWallet can also alert you in case someone tries to steal it and in the event that you either forget your cellular or iWallet and walk away, thank to the Bluetooth technology.


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