Jelly or Carbon, Which One do You Prefer?

iWatchz Jelly nanoclipz

It’s not whiskey time or lunch time, sho when I asked you the question mentioned on the title, you don’t need to worry to choose one among the others. So what is it all about? It’s the new stylish collection of iWatchz, the nanoclipz watch integration system that enables users to transform their iPod nano (6th generation) into a stylish wristwatch. Is it clear now? so which one do you prefer? Jelly or Carbon? Ok let’s see what the difference between each other. Product description from the manufacturer follows the break.

iWatchz Jelly nanoclipz

The Jelly Collection features a translucent-coloured nanoclipz system and matching vibrant silicon watchbands in pink, orange, red, green, blue, white and grey. The Jelly Collection will be available at retailers nationwide and at in early February 2011 for $24.95 USD.

The Carbon Collection features a matte-black aluminum nanoclipz system and a carbon watchband accented with coloured stitching available in six colours. The Carbon Collection will be available in early February 2011 at over 250 Apple Stores nationwide, and at $49.95 USD.

So have you decided which one to choose? I know you love pink a lot, but don’t tell me anything about it. Should I post more fashionable gadgets? Let me know.


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