SanDisk microSDHC Pre-loaded with Iron Man 2 Movie

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC

Have you seen the Iron Man 2 movie? The movie has got my bad rating already. Whether you want to watch it (again) or no, MetroPCS’ new Indulge LTE smartphone bundled with the movie, pre-loaded on the 4GB SanDisk microSDHC, which’s packed with Samsung’s new Android-based handset. As mentioned on the company’s press release, the “Iron Man 2” can be instantly played from the SanDisk microSDHC mobile memory card by inserting it into the Indulge phone. The card also contacts the MetroPCS network automatically to measure customer interest. Do you remember the Iron Man edition of LG Shine? Forget it, it’s not related to this post.

Iron Man 2

SanDisk’s secure card-based mobile solutions enable secure access, storage and playback of premium digital content. Specifically, SanDisk microSDHC mobile memory cards are embedded with security technology that allows for conditional access to digital content by regulating the network connection through the card, where the files are encrypted and stored. In the MetroPCS Indulge, this includes: secure, copy-protected storage of the video content, access to the content through a quick validation between the network and the phone (via the card), as well as activation reporting to provide MetroPCS with monthly collated data about movie playback usage patterns.