Keyport Compatible USB Flash Drive

Keyport Flash Drive

Have you used the keychain alternative a.k.a Keyport? This gadget is new for me, and if you’re just like me, you may wonder what kind of device it is. I need 5 minutes to understand it, and now I know how useful it’s and I’ll be happy if I have a chance to have the Keyport Slide V.01. Fit comfortably in a pocket, Keyport Slide consolidates up to six keys into one gadget that allows access to any of them with just the slide of thumb.

And in the coming days, you can insert a Keyport compatible USB flash drive into Keyport Slide. Available for pre-order through, the drive comes in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. Keyport compatible keys, called Blades, provide the foundation upon which Keyport designs its streamlined access tools. They include a one-size-fits-all head and seamlessly take the place of traditional keys. Keyport uses the same universal head for all of its inserts including the USB flash drive, bottle opener, and mini-LED (due out in March).

Keyport Slide V.01

I don’t know how many keys you carry every day. Everytime I leave my home, I bring three house keys, one garage key, and one car key, I think you know how difficult it is to manage. Sure, I want to make life easier, thank to Keyport system that makes it possible. And with the addition of a USB flash drive, It puts us one step closer to modern lifestyle. I know that the drive is not equal to the new USB 3.0 Flash Drives from Kingston, but it’s good enough for common and portable data storage needs. What do you think?


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