Have You Played Zynga Poker on Facebook?

Zynga Poker  on Facebook

Hi everybody, this time I want to write about something that took my attention recently, the Zynga Poker game on Facebook. I think it’s a phenomenon just like facebook itself. And I know this is not a fresh topic for most of you, but it keeps pushing me to mention it on this blog since most of my friends play it around the clock. They talk about it everyday, here the most popular words they utter all they long: chips, chips, and chips. I had ignored the word for some times until the day I found most of them playing it together on an internet cafe, somewhere in my village. I asked myself, what make this game so addicting. Then I started giving it more attention during my facebook times, and looking at more deeply to feel this online poker game.

You may know that I’m not a gaming enthusiast, I hate the complicated game such as Warcraft, or any other strategy games. But it doesn’t mean that I can play the more basic games such Minesweeper, it’s still too complicated for me.

But as a gadget or technology-related blogger, I know what currently trending in the gaming world. That’s why I downloaded the popular Mafia Wars and AngryBird on my iPhone. I’ve also known that Zynga’s games are very popular on Facebook, it includes the MafiaWars, FarmVille, the recently-released CityVille, and Zynga Poker of course. Playing game on facebook is more fun because its social features. Players are benefiting from the social network to find and challenge their friends easily.

Ok guys, lets back to the Zynga Poker. Finally I started to install the Zynga Poker facebook app recently, and officially joined the crazy ‘chips club’ in my village. But I’m still a beginner now, I keep browsing the internet to mastering the game. If you’re a beginner just like me, I’ll keep you updated on this addicting game. I’m very excited to do it as the game getting more popular day by day. And I think the trend is similar around the world, as I heard that the poker online also legal and popular in France.

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