NCR RealPOS 50 and RealPOS 25 All-in-One Point-of-Sale Terminals

RealPOS 25 All-in-One Point-of-Sale Terminals

NCR Corporation launched the NCR RealPOS 50 and the NCR RealPOS 25 as part of its NCR RealPOS product line. The NCR RealPOS 50 features a powerful and energy-efficient processor to run the latest graphical touch-based applications and deliver fast, personalized service. Aimed for small and medium businesses, the NCR RealPOS 25 is an economical terminal and operates without requiring a cooling fan. Both new terminals support multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, Windows 7 and Windows XP Professional, as well as Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise for Point of Service.