EKING M7: The Thinnest X86-based Tablet PC #CES 2011

EKING M7 X86-based Tablet PC

Claimed as the current thinnest X86 based Tablet PC, EKING M7 is on display at CES 2011 at EKING booth #35858. Powered by Intel Atom Z530 processor, EKING M7 features a 7-inch 10points multi-touch piezoelectric screen, DDR2 1GB memory, built-in 3G, WiFi and GPS. With 550 grams of weight and 1.7 cm in thickness, EKING M7 is very convenient to carry. It also supports the most extensive PC software and has VGA, USB, SD card reader, and other comprehensive interfaces. And last but not least, EKING M7 adopts the latest piezoelectric touch screen, which integrates the advantages of a capacitive touch screen and resistance touch screen.