Merlin 3D Camera and 3D Viewer

Aiming to help you to create your own 3D contents as easy as possible whenever and wherever you go, Merlin offers two 3D gadgets, Merlin 3D camera and Merlin 3D Viewer. While you’re on your trip and see beautiful objects, the Merlin 12MP HD 3D camera will help you capture it with a single push of button. The camera uses a system comprising two lenses which will merge the result in single 3D pictures and movies with great HD resolution.


Finally, you can sit and relax to watch what you have captured on your viewer device such as HDMI TV or other 3D viewers. But you could need another tool, a 3D glasses. Merlin Glasses Free 3D Viewer eliminates the need of any special 3D glasses to enjoy your 3D contents. It’s a revolutionary device; the technology drives images to your left eye that slightly different than your right eye at once, making you able to see a 3D image right in front of the device viewer. Only less than 250g, you can easily take the device wherever you want. Last but not least, the device can also be used well as a photo frame that’s suitable enough to be placed anywhere in your home.