Internet Monitoring Boosts Employee Productivity

Currently there is no reason to cut down your company with the outside world through the internet connection. One of the company’s progress and professionalism can be seen from the information technology system provided for employees to support corporate profits. But the company can not limit them to connect with “social fever” programs on the internet like facebook, twitter or other social networks especially when the company’s network does not provide internet monitoring.

Actually there is nothing wrong with the “social fever” programs, but once employees spend time working with internet service that is not related with their tasks, of course their productivity are affected and decreased. To avoid the bad influence of “social fever”, the parent company servers should be equipped with internet monitoring software to monitor employees doing unproductive activities.

Here are some undesired activities of employees that usually found can distract the company’s network on work time such as online games, surfing entertainment sites, chat on dating services, social networks etc. Without the monitoring software, your admin will do hard tasks to monitor internet activity and let your networks go with unsecured resource.

GFI WebMonitor, the internet monitoring software, allows you to prevent employees to browse unrelated resources within your network clearly from your admin desk. The software also protects employees accessing prohibited materials (such as terrorist resources, pornography, or illegal sites etc.) via corporate network. The software will monitor live and will denied access to unrelated content.

In advanced, your corporate networks also clear from third party software installed by employees, spyware/Trojan virus which makes serious threat to network security. The GFI WebMonitor will reduce unauthorized bandwidth use and keep the corporate network works optimum.

GFI WebMonitor provides categorized information that allows you to control what contents that allows users can access and reduce accessing to prohibition websites especially adult materials, gaming, personal email, P2P, Facebook, MySpace and more.