Arista AP-3300 Multi-Monitor Thin Client

As announced by Automation Control Products and Arista Corporation, the new multi-monitor office grade Thin Client, the AP-3300 is now available. The AP-330 allows users to display one or more different sessions on each monitor. The Arista AP-3300 has VGA+DVI in clone mode or dual monitor mode (one VGA monitor and one DVI monitor), 4 USB ports, and supports a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1440 at 16M colors.

“This is the first ThinManager Ready office grade Thin Client that supports two monitors,” said Tim Caine, CTO for Automation Control Products. “Customers have been using multi-monitor industrial grade Thin Clients, such as BoxPC-240A, but sometimes they don’t need the ruggedness found in the industrial units.” The 240A, also from Arista, supports up to five monitors and is rated up to 122 degrees F. Like the AP-3300 it has the ability to span a single session across monitors, display a different session on each monitor, or present a combination of the two. Both Arista units support touch screens on each display and can drive monitors at different resolutions.


Al Hilal:
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