Notorious Gadgets: Stylish Custom Made Computers

Notorious Solutions Ltd has launched a new computer brand named Notorious Gadgets. The brand is noticeable by its stylish custom made computers. Notorious Gadgets »expresses itself« by offering much more than just a computer tailored exactly to your needs; it’s tending towards creating a computer that will be part of our customer personality and its own environment.

Its main products are desktop computers:

i) that fit the needs from a powerfull desktop computer to a simple multimedia computer;
ii) that become part of your decor, that are … sexy and elegant;
iii) that are always reliable, no matter how deep are your pockets;
iv) that are energy efficient;
v) that have low noise level.

Notorious Gadgets computers are divided in two main series:
a. Phatty series:
– character and elegance
– dimensions: 214 x 220 x 80 mm

b. Slimmy series:
– slimmy and accomplished
– dimensions: 214 x 220 x 55 mm
– lacks an integrated DVD drive
– works great as a thin client.


Al Hilal:
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