Scoopy Retro Scooter from Honda

I have been waiting for years to own a retro style automatic scooter, and now I’m feeling lucky as Honda plans to release such scooter in Indonesia soon. There will be various color combination, but I think I will pick the white/light-brown combination as shown on the image above, it’ so elegance. The Scoopy will be priced starting at Rp 13 million or about US$ 1400, it’s affordable enough and won’t break my pocket too much. And now I start looking for accessories that match to the style, and I think the most important thing is the motorcycle helmets as it the central point of the biker, right? I’m looking for a retro helmet that also meets SNI (Indonesian Standard) certification.

I like an automatic scooter because its simplicity, I have a Vario scooter that also manufactured by Honda, I bought it more than 3 years ago. Now I want to add Scoopy to my collection. I’ve been searching for other accessories including motorcycle saddlebags and leather vests, but I’ve not found what I want yet. What I want are accessories those also come with retro style and white/light-brown color combination, let me know if can point me to a store that offers such things.

Al Hilal: