Vivitek H5080 1080p Home Theater Projector [CES 2010]


Announced as the company’s latest home theater line-up, the new Vivitek H5080 1080p projector features interchangeable lens options to accommodate different home theater settings. The H5080 provides native 1080p resolution, 1600 lumens of brightness and a 25,000:1 contrast ratio. Priced at about $3000, it boasts 3000 hours of lamp life or equal to 1000 times of Avatar movie length.

“The H5080 is the latest product in Vivitek’s home theater line-up. We’re packing a lot of features and technologies into our products to give the consumer an incredible home theater experience,” said Christopher Yang, Sr. Product Manager at Vivitek. “The Vivitek H5080 provides high-end specifications into a more consumer- and wallet-friendly product. From the Pixelworks processor to manual lens shift functions, the H5080 is the projector to create an authentic theater setting in your home.”


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