When did You Buy Your First Mobile Phone?

nokia 3530 broken

Do you remember when you got your first mobile phone? Five or ten years ago? If you live in Europe may be you got it more than ten years ago. I can tell that because Europe lead the world in terms of mobile penetration. If you wonder when I bought mobile phone for the first time, you know, I bought Nokia 3530 in October 2003. I had been using the phone for almost 6 years until I purchased a new iPhone 3G early this year. I can say it’s a revolutionary changing, from an old phone that comes with basic features such as SMS and MMS to a full touch phone that allows me to browse the internet, interact with my friends through social network website, searching location with GPS, playing online game, and many more.

iphone 3g

I remember those hard days when I used to bring my laptop wherever I go, now I don’t need to do it anymore because I can access my email and other websites simply from my phone. I had spent almost six years before I decided to replace my old phone, and apparently I need 6 years more to replace my current phone. I don’t know about you, but I think you buy new mobile phone more often than me. I just want to encourage you to learn, doing online research, and compare phones as your first step before buying new one, it will help you to find the best mobile phone deals and save money. You can visit http://www.mobilephone-expert.co.uk/phones/ to help you get your job done.