Iropod: World’s 1st Computer with Adjustable Height


Hong Kong- IROPOD PC (Interactive Robotic Computer) is the world first organic design computer that adapts itself to anyone posture and give a new degree of freedom of work, no matter standing, sitting and whatever you want to.

IROPOD PC features extended battery, movable and foldable design which makes the PC which can be used in the applications where people have not been thought before. For example, roll the IROPOD into the kitchen and chat with friends, check mail and recepies while cooking; interacting work together with your friends without needing a desk; and works like receptions check in at the airport, hair salons, gyms, hotels, restaurants.


IROPOD PC would be the reward for the winner of Innovation and Business Fit in “Reuse the Can Competition” which is about the creation of new and innovative ideas and creativity, originality or business fit designs for reusing the metal cans from our daily life. Please visit for the details.

IROPOD PC is designed by a French designer, RAD ILIUTA, a award winning designer. The PC is going to be launched around third quarter this year and price has not been determined yet. Please visit for further details.