KLD’s E165 Scooter Due in Q3 2010


Powered by KLD Technologies’ patented Neue™ drive simple™ motor, the upcoming E165 Scooter will be available in three colors (mint, ivory and black) and two versions (urban and highway-friendly model). It’s currently available for preorder at www.KLDEnergy.com and are expected to be delivered in Q3 of 2010. The scooters can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour and spins over 100 miles on a standard lithium battery. Price: $3,288.

“We have received worldwide interest in our motor system and are excited to be offering it to consumers in the U.S.,” said Christian Okonsky, founder and CEO of KLD Energy Technologies. “We have worked to develop a scooter with a leading manufacturer that highlights our motor systems’ transmissionless design and provides an exhilarating and comfortable experience for both scooter aficionados and those interested in emission-free, high-performance vehicles.”


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