OmniPage 17 Boasts Scan-to-Kindle Capabilities


Priced at a mere $500 for personal use, the new OmniPage Professional 17 was designed to help users transiting paper into paperless environment anywhere and everywhere. Integrated with Microsoft Office, the software allows users to easily turn paper and PDF into fully formatted documents, complete with text, columns, tables and graphics, from within today’s popular desktop applications. Packed with a unique “Scan-to-Kindle” feature, which automatically converts and sends documents in a readable format to the Amazon Kindle(R) eBook reader in one easy step, the OmniPage 17 also letting users capture paper documents, articles and even signs using the built-in cameras on mobile phones, such as the Apple iPhone and other devices.


“With OmniPage 17, Nuance has focused first on the most important element of document conversion solutions – accuracy – delivering a stunning 40 percent increase in accuracy for turning paper into editable digital documents,” said Robert Weideman, general manager and senior vice president of the Nuance Document Imaging Division. “We also implemented a range of ease-of-use and mobile capabilities that greatly expand the audience that will benefit from using OmniPage. The new version gives a dual meaning to the phrase ‘going green,’ first in helping people reduce their reliance on physical paper, and second through the money and time everyone can save by using OmniPage.”

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