Kopin’s New VIPERTM Head-Mounted Display Begins Initial Shipping


Designed for Homeland Security, military and first-responder markets including police, fire, marine and border patrol, the new VIPERTM head-mounted display (HMD) is a full-color remote viewer with VGA resolution, can be connected to any surveillance or thermal camera. As stated on the company’s press release, the device begins its initial shipping to a prime U.S. defense contractor.

Weighing less than one ounce, the VIPER HMD can be easily attached to eyewear, goggles and helmet visors with a universal mounting system. It provides a 640 x 480-resolution image to a user in a 28º field of view, equivalent to a 42-inch virtual image at a distance of 7 feet. The unit is capable of remote viewing of monochrome (RS-170) or color (NTSC/PAL) video, and runs on 4 AA batteries for more than 24 hours. The cabling system incorporates in-line quick-disconnect connectors for improved safety. It also has a universal video connector allowing adaptation to a wide range of video output connectors. The VIPER viewer is capable of operating between – 40º C to 49º C. The VIPER HMD was developed in partnership with Intevac Vision Systems, a business unit within Intevac Photonics, Inc.