Sony Ericsson MS500 Outdoor Bluetooth™ Speaker

Powered by two AA batteries, the new Sony Ericsson MS500 speaker is designed for the outdoor environment with a durable splash proof shell. Even though it’s made by Sony Ericsson, the MS500 also compatible with most Bluetooth™ phones from other brands. Available in trendy orange and black or chic white and pink, the speaker can connect to any mobile handset through Bluetooth within a 10 metre range, I think you can imagine how fun it is.

The designer of the MS500 Wireless Outdoor Speaker, Leonardo Salzedo comments: “If I had to describe the MS500 speaker in three words, I would use the following; fun, compact and freedom. The word freedom has various meanings, as it refers to the speaker’s lightweight, small, splash proof shell, which enables you to take it with you everywhere and anywhere. No cables allow freedom of movement and a handy strap enables you to hang it from the wrist or attach it to clothing, so you have the ability to stylishly accessorise your life with music.”


Al Hilal:
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