ARCHOS Internet Media Tablet (IMT) Powered by Andorid

archos android tablet

ARCHOS developing an android based internet media tablet with phone functionality. It’s expected to be released in Q3 2009 but its prototype may be on action at MWC. This tablet configured with OMAP3440 processor, up to 500 GB of storage, and up to 7 hours of battery life. Featuring 5-inch hi-res screen, the new ARCHOS aims to offer PC-like Internet experience.

“ARCHOS was proud to announce the introduction of its ARCHOS 5 HSDPA IMT last year with SFR. We are continuing to advance our efforts in the IMT space with the introduction of this new product,” said Henri Crohas, CEO and ARCHOS founder. “Support for an Android-based device represents a historical opportunity for ARCHOS to combine all the best of our IMTs with a phone in a single device delivering high quality video and a full web experience in true mobility.”

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