I Thought Nikon was Only About Camera: The Media Port UP300x and UP300 (New)

Nikon UP300x Headset Computer

Nikon announced the world’s first multimedia playback headset with built-in Wi-Fi capability. This new invention by Nikon allows users to virtually enjoy image and video viewing at 50-inch screen from a distance of 3 meters, wow. Available in two models including UP300x and the standard UP300, this multimedia playback headset device also allows users to enjoy music and download multimedia contents directly from the internet. Cool…!

Origin of the UP name
Nikon has named this innovative product “UP”. This name was taken from a number of word combinations that may be used to described the broad functionality and uses of this product, including “universal port”, “ubiquitous player”, “ultimate player”, “U (your) partner”, “U (your) pleasure”, and “U (your) power”. As the first product in a brand new genre, we chose the name “UP” for both its simplicity and its presence.

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