G1 Phone: The First Androids Phone

T-Mobile and Google unveiled the first Androids-powered cellphone ‘G1′ on Tuesday to join the super smartphone phone market along with the pioneer Apple’ iPhone and others made by LG or Samsung. The G1 phone is confirmed to be available for the masses in October 22 with pricing set at $179 (two year contract is required). The G1 comes with interesting features such as Google map street view.

Google executives said the device is the first of many to be built on Android, a set of programs that are designed to be modified by other developers and serve as a foundation for other software. The Internet titan announced the project last fall, investing in the technology in order to create a more direct way to deliver mobile versions of its Web services and drive usage of the Internet by cellphone users. Sandeep Aggarwal, senior Internet research analyst at Collins Stewart LLC, says that by 2011, Android will help Google generate $5 billion in incremental mobile ad revenue annually.


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