New Intel X18-M and X25-M SSD has been Shipped

Intel X25-M SSD

As mentioned on the Intel News Release, the new X18-M and X25-M SATA SSD have been shipped. Designed for both laptop and desktop computer, these new SSD measure 1.8 and 2.5-inch respectively. The advantage of SSD over traditional HDD includes faster response, cooler and quiter, and better performance up to 9 times. Both SSD currently available in 80 GB capacities and priced at $595 (minimun order: 1000 pieces).

“Validated by our rigorous testing and OEM customer feedback, we believe that we have developed an SSD that delivers on the promises of SSD computing,” said Randy Wilhelm, Intel vice president and general manager of the NAND Products Group. “By combining our experience in flash memory design with our processor and computing expertise, we have added advances such as our parallel 10-channel architecture, proprietary controller, firmware and memory management algorithms that address write amplification and wear leveling issues to redefine SSD performance and reliability for computing platforms.”