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Das Keyboard

Two new keyboard was announced today by Das Keyboard, the Professional and the Ultimate. Just like a common keyboard, the Professional has standard QWERTY marking on its keys, but the Ultimate one doesn’t have it or it is completely blank.

Das Keyboard Takes Typing to Next Level with Release of Keyboards Designed to Provide Best Possible Typing Experience
Available With or Without Key Inscriptions, New Das Keyboard Models
Improve Comfort, Speed and Precision of Typing

Austin, TX – July 14, 2008 – Das Keyboard (, a division of Metadot Corporation renowned for its completely blank keyboards, announced today the release of two new and totally redesigned keyboard models – the Professional and the Ultimate. Both models sport German-engineered, gold-plated mechanical key switches, but unlike its sibling the Das Keyboard Ultimate which is completely blank, the Professional has the traditional QWERTY markings on its keys.

Incorporating the industry’s highest keyboard standards with the best key switches money can buy, the Das Keyboard Ultimate and Professional are designed to make typing more comfortable and satisfying by providing a completely unique touch and feel experience.

“If you spend eight hours a day typing on a keyboard, it might as well be on a keyboard that offers the best typing experience possible,” Daniel Guermeur, creator of Das Keyboard and CEO of Metadot Corporation said. “The Das Keyboard was designed for discriminating users who appreciate comfort and quality and are tired of mushy, unresponsive, five-dollar keyboards.”

Setting the Das Keyboards apart from standard keyboards, the mechanical key switches create a distinct “click” with each keystroke and make the typing experience more crisp, decisive and fast.

“Das Keyboard is a ‘clicky’ keyboard that’s surprisingly addictive,” TechRevu editor Ernest Lilley recently stated in a review of the Das Keyboard Professional ( “Built on über-high quality Cherry micro-switches that you can really bang down on, the positive feel of this minimalist keyboard is sure to delight serious keyboarders….”

Both the Professional and Ultimate are available in the U.S. at for $129.00. The keyboards can be purchased in Europe through GetDigital (, in Canada from TekGear ( and in Australia through AUSPC Market Online (

Key features include the following:

* Gold-plated mechanical key switches, engineered by German-based Cherry Corporation
* Two high-speed USB 2.0 ports for syncing and charging USB devices
* A sleek, glossy black surface with blue LEDs
* An extra long 6.6 foot USB cable which easily extends through your desk grommet to keep your workspace tidy.
* N-key rollover function (or the ability to register 12 key presses simultaneously without key jamming)

The Professional and Ultimate are compatible with Windows, Linux, or MacOS X and do not require the installation of software or drivers. Mac users can swap the command/control/options keys to match the Mac keyboard layout using the MacOS X keyboard control panel.

About Metadot Corporation

Metadot is an Open Source technology company and creator of the Metadot Portal Server, a freely downloadable and royalty free enterprise application for Linux and Solaris platforms. Metadot Corporation has its headquarters in the United States and is centrally located in Austin, Texas. It is a privately held company that is profitable, has no debts and is not financed by venture capital. Das Keyboard is a division of Metadot.

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