New Devotec Solar Charger (Press Release)

New Devotec Solar Charger

Keep Charged up Anywhere With The Latest Devotec Solar Charger

Devotec Industries are proud to announce their smallest and lightest charger yet! Weighing in at a slim 80g and measuring about the same as a 1st gen Ipod Nano, the new solar charger still packs enough energy in its 1800mAh Lith-ion battery to charge a phone/blackberry/mp3 player 2 times or more before needing to be re-charged. And when the Solar Charger does need to be toped up, you can charge the device via its solar panel, or use either the supplied AC adapter or
USB cable.

Retailing at a fantastic £19.99, ($40) this fully featured pack has a higher spec and more connectivity than solar chargers costing twice as much. And for added convenience, the Devotec USB Travel Plug can be added to the pack, giving
access to charge the unit in over 180 countries!

Connectivity comes courtesy of the included adapters, with tips for Nokia (old and new), Motorola/Blackberry/mini USB, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, PSP/Digital Cameras and Ipod all being part of the package.

Devotec Solar Charger

Lasting up to 3 months on a single charge, the Devotec Solar Charger has been extensively tested and re-engineered to include all the necessary accessories straight out of the box, including a stylish pouch to keep the solar panel
scratch free when not in use.

The Devotec Solar Charger is a great way to keep safe and not have to worry about your phone or Blackberry losing battery when you are away from home.

Alex Devoto, founder and MD, said: “We are really excited about this release. After working to perfect this concept for three years, we feel we have a finely tuned product ready to meet the needs of the mobile consumer, with the widest selection of compatibility at an unrivalled price-point.”

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