The MC70 GPS Version Coming in Q1 of 2008

Motorola MC70 GPS

The upcoming Motorola MC70 was announced recently, and featuring GPS capability this rugged mobile computer will be available in Q1 of 2008. And organization can take the benefits of GPS functionality to track its field employees to improve productivity.

“Enterprise customers today have come to expect seamless information exchange with their service providers, and this relies fundamentally upon accurate, real-time information from field workers” said David Picton, industry director for logistics, Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility business. “For example, mail and express enterprises need to know exactly where their packages and workers are in order to operate in a highly-competitive market. The GPS locationing functionality in the MC70 will allow them to ensure that their pickup and deliveries occur at the right place at the right time – the essence of enterprise mobility.”

For connectivities the new Motorola MC70 support WWAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Last but not least this clever device also features barcode data and signature capture (i see DHL courier has something like this), i want it, i want it, i want it at all.

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