Now You Can Explore The Sky With Google Earth

google earth sky

I ask you, how you learned astronomy when you were at high school? how your teacher explained all about the sky above us? i can say, nowadays astronomy students are very lucky, thank to the latest version of Google earth with its Sky feature. Switching to Sky view we can explore 100 million star and 200 million galaxies as seen from Earth.

“You will be able to browse into the sky like never before,” said Carol Christian, an astronomer with the Space Telescope Science Institute, a nonprofit academic consortium that supports the Hubble Space Telescope, as reported by The New York Times. “While other programs allow users to explore the skies, they typically combine a mix of representations of stars and galaxies that are overlaid with photographs, Ms. Christian said. “These are really the images of the sky. Everything is real.”

Via NYTimes | Buy Google Earth Book at Amazon

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