Emoze Let You Push Email on Your Mobile Phone


As described on its website, emoze offers users to receive emails and Outlook data anywhere, anytime through their mobile devices such as cellphone or PDA, and additionally emoze also can handle schedule, contacts, and personal information management, it is synchronized automatically. Emoze will push your data in one of 2 ways, via PC Connector running on your Desktop PC or via the Emoze Global Gateway, using your Outlook Web Access (PC Connector not required) so you will never lost you urgent email wherever and whenever you are not on your computers.

emoze comprise

Emoze is comprised of three component emoze PC Connector, Emoze Global Service Network (EGSN), and emoze Mobile Client. The emoze PC Connector synchronizing email with mail server and then communicate with EGSN, the EGSN connects between emoze PC Connector and emoze mobile client, and the emoze mobile client retrieve any new email through EGSN and synchronize with the emoze PC Connector, that`s all. And the best of all, it is a FREE service, you can try emoze by clicking referral-link below.

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