Now You Can Create Personilized Google Maps

This is the killer map application i have been looking for a year, it will help to complete my hundred million project (IDR): “Building and Government House Archive Digitalization”, thank Google! Watch the video to learn, or read the transcripts below in case you are on text browser:

You can use Google maps to create a personalized maps complete with your favorite places, photos, and video, and share it with your friend or family.

To get started click the My Maps tab and select create new map, make sure you are signing to your Google account, you can choose whether the map public so anyone searching Google map can view it or keep it unlisted, this way only people who have your maps specific url can see it.

To add placemark, select placemark tool and click on a way you want to drop the marker, each placemark has information balloon attached to it, you can also add photograph from your web album by clicking the image button than entering the url, or swicth to other placemark and place your own photo or video. You can drag and drop your placemark, and you can use the line tool to draw a line or use the shape tool to highlight entire area, as a placemark you can add description, photos, and video to lines and shape.

To edit your placemark, line and shape you can click on them or select them from the list, anytime you want to view or edit your map, just go to “create by me” section on the My maps tab and click on it. You can also delete your maps by clicking the [x], you can use your google map on google earth by clicking kml, or share your maps with your friends and families by email them the url.

You can try creating your maps next time you planning a trip or sharing the adventure when you came home.

[via Tech Digests]

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