Captcha Broke by Spammer?


Do you know Captcha? A new technology to keep spammer away? Captcha test (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) creates a graphically distorted representation of a simple word that can easily (sometime not) be read by a human but not by a machine.

It is not long ago when the captcha adopted by major internet provider, but it seem spammer has found a way to beat the captcha recently. “There are only about 500 or so new accounts being created every hour. We’ve seen 15,000-plus Hotmail accounts being used so far. It’s hard to estimate how many spam emails have already been sent,” said BitDefender’s Viorel Canja.

Uhm.. spammer and anti spammer just like “mouse and cat”, is captcha an absolete method now?

[via Tech Digest]