Vavolo MP4 OLED Wristwatch Can’t Dial

MP4 OLED Wristwatch

No so long ago, i posted about phone watch or watch phone such as M300 and M500 with its ability to play MP3/MP4 as well as to phone your friends through GSM networks. They came and impressed the rest of the world with its multimedia and phone function even with minim storage (only 128MB). Now we have something similar but little difference. Vavolo introduce MP4 OLED Digital Leather Band Wristwatch with 2GB capacity but without phone capability. The Vavolo wristwatch feature 1.5-inch OLED screen at 128 x 128 pixel res, MP3/WMA/MP4/SMV support, Image viewer (JPEG), USB 2.0, and more. Available now at for $99.

[via techdigest]

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