Huawei U550 HSDPA Phone Comes Along With U121

Huawei U550 HSDPA Phone

Huawei Technology showed off it new HSDPA Phone during CommunicAsia in Singapore, a U550 phone. The phone designed in flip format and running on HSDPA3.6M/ UMTS/EDGE/GSM network, the key made out of touch-sensitive buttons, and for a better world you can deploy the phone as HSDPA modem for your laptop, so you’ll still connected when you can not find HotSpot.

Its little sister U121 (image below) also displayed during the same event. Huawei mark this phone as an entry level but still has stylish model. Huawei aims to target music maniac with this U121 phone. No words yet when you will find it in real stores.

Huawei U121

[via engadget]