Syrian Afkar Media Released Islamic Game: Al Quraysh

Al-Quraysh Game

Afkar Media, a game developer company based in Syria, introduced a new strategy game, Al-Quraysh. The game tells the story (based on Muslim viewpoint) of the first 100 years of Islams’ history with Khaled Ibn Waleed as the main character.

The Syrian Afkar Media developing the game as a counter of western game that always anti Arab and anti Islam. Last year Afkar has been released “under siege” which dealing with the plight of the Palestinian people, and now they come back with the same spirits.

Al-Quraysh is going to help people in the West better understand the people who are living in the East,” says Radwan Kasmiya, an avid gamer and the executive manager of Afkar Media. “We want to show that this civilization was a sort of practical and almost heavenly civilization.”

[via Tech Digest]

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