Sony’s New, Fast and Portable Photo Printer

Two portable photo printers, the DPP-FP90 and DPP-FP70 PictureStation, has been debuted by Sony. Using this printers, You only need 45 seconds to print a 4 x 6-inch photo quality image. The advance feature includes auto Touch-up and LCD screen preview that give you one push button for basic photo editing like correcting red-eye, focus, and exposure. The different between DPP-FP90 and DPP-FP70 are the LCD screen size. The FP90 has a 3.6-inch screen and the pricing is US$200; the screen on the FP70 is just 2.5 inches and the pricing is US$150. Both printer will be available next month (March 2007).

Sony’s New Photo Printers Becoming Pictures of Portablity [slashphone]