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The ULTIMATE OPTIMUS PRIME Figure — Soon This Fall


The ULTIMATE OPTIMUS PRIME figure, being released this fall, is one of many new TRANSFORMERS toys on display at the 17th annual official TRANSFORMERS brand convention known as “BOTCON.” BOTCON is annually the largest annual official gathering of TRANSFORMERS fans in the world. And the general admission sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5.


POWER A LEGO Play and Build Remote for Wii

POWER A LEGO  Play and Build Remote for Wii

The POWER A LEGO® Play and Build Remote for Wii encourages kids to put their creativity to the test by personalizing the look of the remote or building the ultimate controller stand. Available at Toys “R” Us for $39.99 MSRP, its features include: Ability to build, play and customize this fully featured LEGO® remote for Wii; Wii MotionPlus™ compatibility; Extra Battery Cover with buildable surface; Includes Remote, Wrist Strap, 2 Battery Covers, and 31 Mini LEGO® tiles with LEGO® Tile Separator tool.


LED Cube from HiTec Art

Available from for $100, the LED Cube is designed to entertain you who loves a mesmerizing light display. Features: 7.5vlt Power Supply, Acrylic Cube, and 64 LED’s in a 4x4x4 display. It’s more art than function, see video demo below to know the LED in action.


Paper Jamz Toy Guitars Hits The Stores


Paper Jamz guitars, drums and amplifiers hit its shelves nationwide this week. Produced by WowWee, Paper Jamz instruments are thin, battery-operated guitars and drum sets that feature Active Graphics™ Technology, meaning that music is played based on embedded touch sensors. There are six unique guitars and six corresponding drum sets (sold separately), each featuring three hit licensed songs. The paper-thin guitar and drums retail for $24.99 each; the amplifier, which plays music from Paper Jamz guitars, drums or personal MP3 players, retails for $14.99; guitar straps are available for $5.99.


Mattel CEO Picks Fisher-Price iXL™ for Holiday 2010


As a publisher and a seasonal marketer, I love to collect the holiday gift ideas from the beginning of the year. That’s why I publish this post. Mattel Chief Executive Officer Bob Eckert unveils his number one toy pick for the holiday season: Fisher-Pricei XL , the ultimate six-in-one smart device for preschoolers. Of the thousands of toys that the world’s leading toy maker creates each year, Mr. Eckert named iXL Learning System as his personal favorite at a press conference today.


Techno Source Introduces Rubik’s Slide


Following successful launches of its Rubik’s TouchCube™ and Rubik’s Revolution™ electronic games as well as to celebrate the Cube’s 30th birthday, Techno Source introduces the exciting new Rubik’s challenge for 2010 that combines casual gaming with the speed and strategy of classic cubing: Rubik’s Slide™. Rubik’s Slide is a new electronic puzzle game that will make its American debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York City February 14-17, 2010. It will be available at major retailers nationwide in fall 2010.


Eyeclops Night Vision v2.0 Goggles [Gift Ideas]

EyeClops Night Vision Infared Stealth Goggles V2

Year after year, our work to find the best toys for our kids seems getting harder and harder. The variety of toys in the market are much richer than before. But I have a tip for you, if you find yourself lost of idea, you can simply follow the trend or see what the bestselling items in stores. Most of online stores always inform its customers what hot in the market by showing its bestselling items.


UGOBE Pleo Dinobot is Closer and Closer


The long awaited Pleo dinobot was reported already hitting the mass production stage and consumers is promised to have this before Christmas. The Pleo is the only toy listed in our TG seasonal store for the most spotted 2007 Christmas gift. Its unique feature include amazing sensory system which allows himself to see, sense touch, and detect various objets such as color, sound, infrared, etc.

Via Tech Digest | Buy Ugobe Pleo