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Sony Ericsson Yari Phone for Gaming Enthusiast


Mentioned as the ultimate phone for mobile fun, the new Sony Ericsson Yari offers various game to play using gesture gaming technology. Scheduled to ship in Q4, the Yari also comes with Gaming carousel that allows users to access their games from the desktop and to browse downloadable content on PlayNow™ arena. In addition the gesture games, the Yari also support motion and standard games of course. Other highlights: A/B buttons, Music call, 5.0 mega pixel camera, EC500 phone stand, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and UMTS/HSDPA 900/2100 support.


Sony Ericsson S312 Camcorder Phone


The new Sony Ericsson S312 is born to help you to record videos in instant, thank to its dedicated camera key that enable users to capture special moments in two quick and easy steps. The 2.0 MP camera also able to take picture perfect stills and share it on the web easily using picture blogging. Expected to be available in Q2, the S312 will be offered in Dawn Blue and Honey Silver colors.


Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman Phone


Coming as a slider phone, the new Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman equipped with FM radio, TrackID that allows users to name the tune at a press of a button, 1.3 MP camera that enable video recording, Bluetooth, and Multiple phone books. Expected to be available in Q3 2009, this phone works on GSM and offers Opera Mini Web browser for surfing the net through the obsolete GPRS network.


Sony Ericsson T707 Stylish Phone


Coming with gesture control, the new T707 just introduced by Sony Ericsson as a glamour mobile phone with eye-catching light effects. Highlights: 3.2 megapixel camera, 2.2 inch screen, 1.1″ OLED external screen, FM radio and Bluetooth audio streaming, YouTube, Google Maps, and more. Available colors: Mysterious Black, Spring Rose, and Lucid Blue. Did I mention Sharapova?


Sony Ericsson MS500 Outdoor Bluetooth™ Speaker

sony ericsson bluetooth outdoor speaker

Powered by two AA batteries, the new Sony Ericsson MS500 speaker is designed for the outdoor environment with a durable splash proof shell. Even though it’s made by Sony Ericsson, the MS500 also compatible with most Bluetooth™ phones from other brands. Available in trendy orange and black or chic white and pink, the speaker can connect to any mobile handset through Bluetooth within a 10 metre range, I think you can imagine how fun it is.


Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X1 Premium Touch Phone


Running on Windows Mobile 6.1, the new Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X1 Premium Touch Phone was announced last week in Korea. The X1 is an arc-slider multimedia phone which aimed as the all-in-one solution device that allows users to reply their work emails while watching the latest action movie or reading through a PowerPoint document for a presentation. Coming with full stainless steel body, the X1 features a 3-inch clear WVGA display, a wide pitch full QWERTY keypad, and more.


Sony Ericsson Idou [MWC 2009]


Along with W995, Sony Ericsson also announced “Idou” Touchphone at MWC 2009 in Barcelona. The Idou boasts 12.1 MP camera/Xenon flash combo and a 3.5″ 16:9 touchscreen which is capable of “full media consumption”. Will be prompted under an “Entertainment Unlimited” umbrella, this handset will be ready for end users in 2nd half of 2009, but that’s only an expectation.


Sony Ericsson W995 [MWC 2009]


The new Sony Ericsson W995 is introduced at MWC 2009 in Barcelona. Coming from Walkman-flagship, this handset also combined with high-res Cybershot 8.1MP camera that make it a complete-handset. The W995 also features 3.5mm headphone jack and 2.6-inch TFT screen that allows you to enjoy YouTube video through WiFi or Turbo 3G connection. Regarding camera, it supports face detection and image stabilisation. And last but not least, the W995 also comes with MediaGo software, a Wi-Fi based service which allows you to sync multimedia content over the web, shifting it to and from your PC, PS3 and TV easily.