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Sharp’s Waterproof Phone Powered by Solar


Sharp and KDDI to release solar-powered and waterproof phone in June. You need to put the phone under sunlight as long as 10 minutes to power the phone for 1 minute talktime or 2hrs standby mode. Can we charge this phone under water? probably not.


Casio G-Shock GMW5600 (Solar Powered Watch)

Casio's solar-powered GWM5600 G-Shock watch

The new Casio G-Shock GMW5600 is expected to be available soon with £100 of price-tag. Powered by solar, this watch coming with old style. Yes, it’s very old style, I had a watch similar to its shape when I was in elementary school. Beside its shock and water resistant, the GMW5600 also features auto backlight and time – Atomic Timekeeping Technology.


Wii Station Powered by Solar

Solar powered Nintendo Wii

It’s a cool ideas from green follower who can’t stand without Wii on their live during the summer holiday. The station constructed with a big trolley, HDTV, solar panel, battery, and Wii of course. It’s priced at $1,431.


eMotion ‘Green’ Media Player

New Solar Powered Media Player by eMotion

Powered by solar energy, the eMotion media player allows its users to play music and video. And additionally this player also offers ebook reader (txt) and games player. Available for $155 at, the eco-friendly eMotion equipped with 3.5-inch screen, 1GB built-in storage, Battery Charger, and SD card slot.


Solar Powered Sole Mio Mouse Could Save Millions Batteries

solar powered mouse

Netherlands Organization fo Scientific Reseach (NWO) has been developing the solar powered Solo Mio mouse for more than four years, and now they are still in research and continue testing the product to see whether the unit can reach its full charge during busy daily activities. The Solo Mio need 20mA of electricity while active, can store 300mAh onboard, and can charge at rate of up to 250 mA in full sunlight. The The NWO itself is a collaboration among Universities of Twente and Utrecht, ECN, and TU Delft.

[via ohgizmo]