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Logitech TV Cam for Skype-Enabled VIERA HDTVs

Logitech TV Cam for Skype

Logitech TV Cam for Skype is a plug-and-play TV camera that lets users make and receive high-definition video calls directly from select 2011 Panasonic VIERA Connect™ -enabled VIERA® HDTVs that feature Skype. Using the Logitech TV Cam for Skype is as simple as turning on your TV and selecting the Skype video calling application, which comes preloaded on 2011 Panasonic VIERA Connect-enabled VIERA HDTVs.


Samsung’s TV Camera for Skype Video Chat (model CY-STC1100)

Samsung TV camera (model CY-STC1100)

Along with the 3D active glasses and its wireless charger, Samsung also previewed the TV camera (model CY-STC1100) at the recent CES in Las Vegas. The Skype-certified HD TV camera transforms Samsung TVs into large-screen, living room videophones. The CY-STC1100 features a built-in HD sensor (720p at 30 fps), auto focus to keep the subject in-focus even when shifting positions, four high-fidelity microphones to capture voice at up to 13 feet away with ambient noise, and advanced HD video encoding. Simply plug the USB cable into the TV and attach the TV camera to the back of the TV using the camera’s magnets. Coming with slim design, the camera blends well with even the thinnest Samsung TVs. A flexible camera neck wraps around the top of the TV, easily allowing the user to adjust the lens position and identify the perfect shooting angle.

Skype for Nokia is Now Available


Skype and Nokia announced the release of Skype for Symbian, a Skype client for Nokia smartphones based on the Symbian platform. Skype for Symbian will allow Nokia smartphone users worldwide to use Skype on the move, over either a WiFi or mobile data connection (GPRS, EDGE, 3G). It is now downloadable for free from the Ovi Store, Nokia’s one-stop shop for mobile content.




As a result of partnership between Skype and Panasonic, now consumers have an option to make voice and video call through Skype on VIEARA CAST-enabled HDTVs. Those TVs is scheduled for launch in Spring 2010 for unknown price. To make a video call, users need to install a unique Panasonic camera with built-in microphone that sold separately. No external box or PC required, just press a single button to activate VIERA CAST.


Skype App for iPhone Will be Available on Tuesday


Skype confirmed that its native VoIP client for iPhone wil be available for free through iTunes store on Tuesday. Skype for iPhone will work only on WiFi network so the voice quality will depend on the strength of wireless networks. Regarding user interface, the Skype for iPhone looks more like your traditional iPhone app.


Skype App for iPhone To Come Soon


The Skype App for iPhone is one of the most awaited iPhone’s apps along with the Google Mobile App that already available through iTunes. The reports said that the iPhone version of Skype is going to be released at CTIA Wireless event next week. I can’t wait to download it and make a phone call through WiFi to figure out how good it is.


AiGuru SV1 Video Phone

ASUS Skype video phone

The AiGuru SV1 Video Phone is a new Voip Phone with video call capability. It’s a result of partnership between Asus and Skype, and will be available soon before Christmas for $300, but you can place an order from now on. This phone features 7-inch display, speakerphone, mic, and allows you to make a Skype call through WiFi.


Skype Phone Released by 3

3 Skype phone

T3 reported that 3 has been releasing a Skype phone to deliver VoIP networks on the go. The phone equipped with special Skype button in the middle of the front side. And the button allows users to access Skype network with a single push. The phone available for £50 and features 2 MP integrated camera as well as MP3 player.