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Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse — Let’s Game the Games!


I’m in searching a gaming mouse recently, I have not bought one yet but my eyes keep on watching and finding the most recent invention and innovation available in the market or at least it will be released soon. Today I found one that would suit my need, a new gaming mouse from Logitech: The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse that’s designed for massively multiplayer online (MMO) gamers.

Scheduled to hit the street in July 2012 for about $80, the Logitech G600 MMO comes with three default profiles – two for MMOs and one for general gaming. It also features 20 buttons – including 12 thumb buttons for faster game play, don’t worry all of the buttons can be reach easily by your fingers.

Logitech Cube: Mouse and Presenter!

Logitech Cube: Mouse and Presenter!

Logitech has a new thing for businessmen who often give presentation for their clients or business partners, the Logitech Cube. Unlike the common mouse available in the market, the shape of the cube is unique. Coming with a cube shape, the Logitech Cube scrolls when the main panel is swiped by your finger just like an iPhone or others touchscreen smartphones, it’s possible because of Logitech’s Flow Scroll software.

To switch to presenter mode, no button needed, just lift it in the air and it will be in presenter mode automatically. And controlling the slides of presentation is easy, what you need to do is simply clicking the top of the mouse. Priced at $69.99, the Logitech Cube comes with a small Logitech Unifying receiver that works on 2.4 GHz network. The receiver supports up to six connectivity of compatible devices, so you don’t need separate receiver for keyboard, number pad, etc.

kandenchi by nendo — Vertical Mouse

kandenchi by nendo

What is kandenchi? It’s a wireless computer mouse in the shape of a battery (‘kandenchi’ in Japanese). Designed by nendo, the mouse is based on the mouse’s own rechargeable nature. The positive terminal has turned into the left-click button, and the scrolling wheel and right-click button are on the side. This design increases portability and allows for vertical use. A detachable mini-USB cable lets users plug the mouse into a mobile phone or other electronic device for recharging, just like an ordinary battery.

World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse: Legendary Edition / by SteelSeries

Expected to be available in late September for $79.99, The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition features 16.8 million illumination color options and 11 programmable buttons, ergonomically positioned for comfortable gameplay. The player’s precision and control will be enhanced with the ability to assign all 11 button controls and multiple macros from directly within the World of Warcraft game interface.

oppopet Computer Mouse for ELECOM / by nendo

A wireless optical mouse whose USB receiver takes the shape of different animal tails. To transport the mouse, users plug the tail into the body, as though picking up a small animal to go for a walk. When in use, the mouse takes on a simple discrete shape, and the tail plugs into the computer, extending casually as though a small pet is hiding inside.

“rinkak” Computer Mouse from ELECOM / by nendo

"rinkak" computer mouse from ELECOM / by nendo
© Hiroshi Iwasaki

nendo has designed a new mouse for ELECOM, called “ringkak”. In Japanese, rinkak refers to an object’s outline against its background. The cable that snakes out from the computer becomes the rinkak of a mouse, like a quickly-sketched freehand drawing. The mouse becomes the background, and the cable–until now a supporting actor–takes to the main stage. This product will be sold in Japan from end of June. And planning to sell Internationally soon.

Genius Traveler 6000 Classic Wireless Mouse, Is That Classic?

Genius Wireless Optical Mouse Traveler 6000 Classic

Genius Traveler 6000 Classic wireless mouse is a special edition of the Traveler 6000. Beside its elegant top cover design, the rest of its features are identical to the Traveler 6000. So what are the features? It has a smooth and accurate 1200 dpi optical engine and connects to notebooks or desktops using an extremely small Pico USB receiver. Yes it’s really small so it can remain plugged in even when moving around the office without the worry of the receiver bending or braking. Don’t worry, just believe it!

SlimStar 8000 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, Is it Genius?

As times goes by, we more depend on wireless technology instead of copper. I was a network engineer and I used to install computer network using UTP cable, I loved it as it offers faster data transfer speed up to 100 Mbps. However, given the deliberate lack of flexibility of the copper, wireless getting more popularity these days. Now we can find WiFi hotspot almost on every corner. And now we can find the adoption of wireless network into smaller environmet, such as between keyboad/mouse and PC/tablet.

Genius SlimStar 8000 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse