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Motorola IRONROCK Smartradio

Introduced by Nextel, Motorola IRONROCK is a multi-network Smartradio device featuring a 4.3’ touchscreen. This device allows users to connect continuously to their networks through Nextel’s data and voice network. Powered by a 1.2GHz dual-processor, the IRONROCK runs Android and pre-loaded with Quickoffice suite that enables users to access and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets easily. Sure, it’s also able to run games at high speed and play HD videos smoothly.

DROID RAZR MAXX HD Lasts even Longer

RAZR MAXX HD is identical to RAZR HD but has more battery power that make it lasts even longer up to 32 hours (8 hours of web browsing, 10 hours of YouTube HD, or 13 hours of video playback), thank to the embedded 3300 mAh Li lon Polymer. Mentioned as the longest-lasting LTE smartphone, RAZR MAXX HD reduces the hassle of charging and recharging your lovely mobile device.

Motorola Milestone Plus Android Smartphone on Cellular South

Motorola Milestone Plus  Android Smartphone  on Cellular South

Cellular South introduced the Motorola Milestone Plus, its first Android-powered touchscreen world phone optimized for both business use and personal needs. Powered by the Android 2.2 operating system, the Motorola Milestone Plus comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard for more efficient typing and texting. For better produtivity, the Milestone Plus also features full push corporate e-mail with corporate level security, unified calendar synching with additional work features, pre-loaded Quickoffice Mobile Suite for accessing and editing Microsoft Office documents on-the-go. Powered by 1 GHz processor and 4 GB of memory expandable to 32 GB, the Motorola Milestone Plus is available for $199.99 with a new two-year service agreement .


Motorola XOOM Coming to Australia through Telstra

Motorola XOOM

Motorola will launch Motorola XOOM on the Telstra Next G® network in May 2011. The first device to run on the Android™ 3.0 (Honeycomb) platform, Motorola XOOM features a 1GHz dual-core processor, 32 GB of memory and 1GB of RAM, front-facing and rear-facing cameras, true multi-tasking functionality, and the latest Google™ Mobile services on a10.1-inch widescreen HD display.

Dual Core Fever Continues: iPad 2 and Motorola Atrix

iPad 2

Following Wednesday, March the 2nd’s Mac event we have now seen the unveiling of the new iPad 2 from Apple. It is exactly what the majority of commentators were expecting though some will be disappointed that there wasn’t a greater leap forward in screen technology. In a sense this is a lot like the iPhone 3G and 3GS models. The new iPad is, as Apple so loves to do, thinner and lighter, coming in at a very svelte under 600 grams, almost half what the lightest netbook would weight and 450 to 500 grams more than a smart phone, on a ten inch screen device that’s impressive. Thinner means very thin, with a width of only 8.8 milimetres, less than the iPhone 4 which is 9.3 mm. It is also now available in white as well as black and is expected to be released at the same prices as the original iPad, again putting intense pressure on the competitors to match the combination of specifications and Apple quality at the very competitive price.

Motorola’s New MC55A0 Rugged Wi-Fi Enterprise Mobile Computers

Motorola MC55A0 Rugged Wi-Fi  Mobile Computer

Motorola announced the MC55A0 series rugged Wi-Fi enterprise mobile computer designed for managers, task workers and clinicians. Available in two models, the MC55A0 is designed for customer-facing business applications, while the MC55A0-HC is available in white and blue and is disinfectant-ready for healthcare environments. Highlights: Supports voice and data over the wireless LAN (WLAN); a 3.5-inch PenTile™ VGA display; Support for all the latest wireless authentication and encryption protocols and Motorola’s tested and certified Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).


Golden-i Hands-free Communications Headset from Motorola and Kopin

motorola Hands-Free Wireless Computing Headset - Golden-i

Motorola and Kopin develop a hands-free computer and communications headset. This new device category is a head-worn, mobile computer headset with full voice, audio and PC capabilities, leveraging Kopin’s advanced system and micro-display technologies to create a virtual 15-inch monitor that supports simulation software, streaming video on-demand and other large-screen enterprise applications.


AdvanceMobile VX1 Fixed Mobile Phone Solution

AdvanceTec Industries released the AdvanceMobile VX1 GSM Fixed Mobile Phone Solution to assist businesses with a mobile workforce comply with hands-free legislation, text messaging restrictions, and to control ballooning communication costs by providing hands-free communication to and from a selected authorized phone number list and prohibiting text messaging completely. Using Motorola® GSM Quad Band technology, the AdvanceTec’s VX1 is GPS enabled and will provide fleet managers with the capability to track mobile assets globally and provides Telematics features, including Geo Fencing, vehicle speed notification, color coded vehicle tracking and one button emergency notification. Priced at $499, it can be activated on AT&T Mobility®, T-Mobile® or any other GSM carrier in the United States using existing voice plans.