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Feminine Laptop Bag by Microsoft

micorosoft women laptop bag

Is it serious? yes, it’s surprise. These 3 type of women laptop bags are in black style (leather look), match with business users. The product designed by samsill as a result of their new deal with Microsoft. I can say this bag is very stylish, from left to right named the “Madison,” “Manhattan,” and “Monticello” will be available from 15th at Amazon. You can hold up to 15.4″ laptop in it. This bag has elegance media storage and accessory panel plus additional features like “fold down shoulder straps” and “light tan lining” to find items fast.

micorosoft laptop bag image
(credit: amazon)

[via engadget]

Use Your Laptop at Home Comfortably

Belkin Laptop Accessories Image

This colorful laptop accessories from belkin comfortable when use at your home, this accessories include 3 items: pocket top (to store your laptop while not in use, use it as workstation, this pocket can hold your laptop accessories like adapter, mouse, etc.), cush top (as padded comfort for longterm use & protect yours goods from a hot laptop), and sleeve top (allow you open your laptop quickly and effectively).

Belkin Trendy Laptop Accessories Picture

I know sometime you feel uncomfortable using your laptop at your bed room, sofa, or in the floor, but this product may solve your problem. Like the other fashionable product, i think design of this product very stylish and high standard.

[product info belkin | via Techie Diva]

Laptop Bag For Woman

Woman Laptop Bag Picture

Hi ladies, do you need a stylish bag for your precious laptop? don`t worry honey, there is a good news for you. Today you can order your stylish bag form bananasoup. You can choose the best match for your daily apparel, whether it’s raspberry or chocolate. Like the other fashionable gadget, this bag completely hide the fact that you bringing your laptop :).

inside the stylish laptop bag image

It’s product succesfully combine style and function, i recommend this stuff to you, woman who cares about technology, style and fashion. The large size price only £169.00 and can hold a 15″ screen notebook.

Red Laptop Bag For Woman Image

[product info bananasoup | via Gadget Candy]