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Logitech Introduces Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710


Logitech introduced the Logitech® Wireless Desktop MK710 — the first keyboard-and-mouse combination to feature up to three years of battery life for both the keyboard and mouse, as well as the tiny Logitech® Unifying receiver, comfortable Logitech® Incurve keys™ and hyper-fast scrolling for the mouse. The Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 is expected to be available in Europe beginning in February 2010 and in the U.S. beginning in April 2010, for a suggested retail price of $99.99.


EFO Bluetooth and Wired Handheld Keyboard

EFO BLUETOOTH and WIRED handheld keyboard can give you complete control of your media. You can use them to connect to your PC for downloading movies and watch them on big screen. This portable size is good to fit your hand, and its backlighting allows you to type and read text easily – even in dim light. Both of them also features Hand Writing Touch Pad that you can use as point and click. For Bluetooth one, rechargeable Li-ion batteries last longer – up to 2 days between charges.

MSI Bluetooth Keyboard

Foldable Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

The MSI universal Bluetooth keyboard compatible with Palm Smart Phone and PDA OS version 5.0, Microsoft Smartphone 2003 OS, Pocket PC 2003 OS/Mobile phone edition 2003, and Symbian Smartphone User Interface series 60 and UIQ OS. Operating in 2.400GHz to 2.4835GHz frequency (79 channels) and up to 7 meters of distance, this keyboard powered by 2xAAA batteries. Price: $54.


Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is Not Optimus Maximus

Logitech illuminated keyboard

Do you want to have the extraordinary Optimus Maximus keyboard but you dont’t have enough money get one? It’s okay, the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard could be your medecine, but don’t expect too much except its backlight and ultra-thin body. Featuring Logitech PerfectStroke key system, this device will be available next month with $80 of price-tag.


The Solo Freestyle Convertible Keyboard

Freestyle Convertible Keyboard by Kinesis

Coming with standard layout, the unique Solo Freestyle Convertible Keyboard constructed with two keying modules hooked up to one another via the flexible Pivot TetherT. But each module can be operated separately up to 8″. Made by Kinesis, this keyboard priced at $99.


Fashionable Keyboard by Erik De Nijs

Wearable Keyboard

Design will never die, and the latest wonderful thing is came from designers Erik De Nijs with his new jeans concepts. Designed for geek, the jeans has built-in keyboard and speaker in the knees.


Optimus Maximus Keyboard Arrived at ThinkGeek

Knowns as the most expensive keyboard in the universe, with the pricing at $1,590, the Optimus Maximus could be more valuable than your computer. This keyboard sports a tiny LED screen on each key, it means 113 screen totally. And the key able to display image amazingly depending what you doing on your computer. See the video above and you will know what i mean.


Keyboard Features Handwriting Recognition

USB Keyboard with Handwriting Identification

I think a keyboard should built like this, yes a keyboard that features handwriting identify system. In this era, handwriting is less popular then the digital works, but until now still there is no method to replace our signature. With the availability if this keyboard we can sign or letter without the hassle of scanning our signature on paper. This keyboard available at with the pricing as low as $25.