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The World Most Expensive iPhone 6 costing £1.7 million

Apple Iphone6_diamond_1 copy[1]

Just less than 24hrs from the announcement from Apple on the release of the IPhone 6, luxury designer Alexander Amosu has been commissioned to create a luxury version in solid 18 carat solid gold, fully encrusted with diamonds.

The phone will take approximately 2 months to make by recreating the full body in solid 18ct gold weighing approximately 85gsm and painstakingly handset with over 6,127 brilliant cut diamonds in VVS1 IF Colour. The apple logo will be cut to the exact shape of the apple logo from 51.29 carat (10.258g) with a cushion flawless cut.

Problems with the Apple iPhone 4S

It seems like whenever a new mobile phone is released for the first time, there are often kinks that must be worked out of the device. No matter how many tests the product undergoes before being released, there are going to be things wrong with it once the general public has access from retailers like Dial a phone. One phone that seems to be having some common issues among users is the latest version of the Apple iPhone: the 4S.

While Apple extolled the virtues of the iPhone 4S’s battery; that it would offer customers a long life with up to eight hours of talk time, the actual users have reported an entirely different story. It ended up that the latest version of the iPhone was much more energy hungry than its predecessor, the iPhone 4. With that being said, the improvements to the design of the new iPhone were not significant enough to provide the needed power. This doesn’t account for usage other than calling such as browsing the internet, watching videos or listening to music, which drains the battery even faster.

Swarovski iPhone 4S for the Rich

Swarovski iPhone 4S from Amosu Couture

Amosu Couture is customizing the new iPhone 4S to create a masterpiece by encrusting its structure with over 470 Swarovski crystallized elements. This art work giving the iPhone 4S a magnificent dazzling effect allowing you to surely stand out for the entire holiday period. Do you know how much it costs? Available for order on, it will set you back £1999. This is also available in 24ct yellow gold for £2099 (further options are available to have your name or company logo printed on the back of the handset). Take it?

Gold iPhone 4S Crafted by Amosu Couture

Amosu Couture customized the iPhone 4S, turning the handset into a glamorous fashion statement. With the bezel of the handset plated skilfully in 24ct hardened gold, this will “Add Shine To Your Life”. “Add Shine To Your Christmas”. The handset is now available for order on and retailing at £1599. This is also available in Rose gold for £1699(further options are available to have your name or company logo printed on the back of the handset).

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Shopping Around for iPhone 4S Insurance Deals

For smartphone users, one of the key things they buy immediately after purchasing a new mobile phone contract is to start thinking about insurance. There are plenty of deals around for the iPhone 4S, but it’s worth investigating the different providers and factors to work out the most cost-effective and appropriate deal for each individual. The key factors to think about are the cost, the coverage so how the phone is protected, how users go about making a claim if the phone is lost or damaged and the provider themselves.

Apple iPhone 5 on Vodafone Network?

If you are asking me about what I love in Apple’s thing, here is my answer. I love its rumors. Believe me, the rumor itself is more attracted me than its launching. What it looks like? When? Where? Could it be? Why? Everyone tries his best to closely describe it based on his own sources.

And what is the funny on all of these? Most rumors are leading us to the wrong way. That’s why, it have been collecting evidences as much as I can to trace the shadow of iPhone 5’s mystery as close as it should be. Believe it or not, Vodafone is chosen to be one of Apple iPhone 5’s carriers. A lot of sites said it with strong fact, the leaked iPhone 5 plans on Vodafone network. So, it’s hard for me to just deny it or say the rumor is the fake one.

Still, according to rumors, Vodafone iPhone 5 is going to offer two size storages, 16GB and 32GB. And it also said it’s only available in black and white color. Those are reasonable for me. Black and white are the original iPhone’s colors. Meanwhile as Apple seems still want to keep its iPhone 4 at market, not offering 8GB storage on iPhone 5 is a clever move, right?

Pink Swarovski iPhone 4 from Amosu #Valentine

Amosu Couture has created the world’s first Pink Swarovski iPhone 4. With a matching Rose Pink back, this ultimate valentine gift will be delivered by February 14 for 2699 GBP. Have you bought the 18 Carat Solid Gold Blackberry Torch? I don’t think so.


iPhone 3GS with iOS4 Available from KT

iPhone 3GS with iOS4 is released by KT just before the introduction of the problematic iPhone 4. The iOS4 on iPhone 3GS features multitasking, folder functions, iBooks App, enhanced email and business security, online games, and iAd. The iPhone 3GS on KT priced at about $560.