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HP Compaq 8000f Elite Ultra Slim Desktop PC


Expected to be available in the U.S. next month with procing starts at $849, the HP Compaq 8000f Elite Ultra Slim Desktop PC is mentioned as the industry’s first Microsoft Windows(R) based desktop PC to be free of brominated flame retardants and polyvinyl chloride from the wall to the mouse. The PC powered by Intel® Core or Core vPro processors and claimed to be 30 percent more energy efficient compared to previous models. It’s also using 100 percent paper-based recycled molded pulp cushions for its packaging.


Luxury Green HTPC by Design Hara


Design Hara’s HTPC is small, stylish, unique, and full custom handmade computers with chassis built of recycle green materials. The PC does supports Blu-ray an can be connected to HDTV through HDMI terminal. It also compatible with MINI-ITX, a world standard of small motherboard, which consumes only 30% of energy compared with traditional desktop PC and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.


Pharox60 – 6 Watt LED with 25 Years of Lifetime


With $40 price tag, the Pharox60 – 6 Watt LED is more expensive than traditional bulbs. But it lasts more longer up to 25 years that make it superior. Manufactured by Dutch company, Lemnis Lighting, this green bulb consumes 90% less power and offers the same quality of light as your standard 60-watt bulb. OK everybody, let’s go green!


Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset


I used to play solar-powered calculator when I was in Junior high school. The calculator had small solar panel on top of it, I thought it was the greenest device I’ve ever had. Today as green movement getting momentum, there are so many manufacturers producing solar-powered gadget. Take a look at this solar-powered bluetooth headset. Available form Brando, the headset equipped with built-in solar charging panel and bundled with USB charging cable as well.


Fujitsu WoodShell Laptop PC

fujitsu WoodShell

WoodShell is the environmentally friendly laptop which is developed by Fujitsu based on its “Sustainable Design”. Using natural materials such as cedar lumbers and plant-based plastic, the WoodShell allows users to enjoy the feeling of touching woods, changing of colors upon longer use, I will love this experience. Presented last year in Italy, this “natural” notebook won’t be ready for end users yet.


Personal Solar Panel from Sanyo


This is it, the solar panel that I looking for. I can bring it wherever I go to save me whenever I get power loss. It’s portable and very handy, thank to Sanyo who make this Eneloop Portable Solar. But it’s not clear yet about how and when I can get one.


Devotec Solar Sound: Solar Powered Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System


I would like to tell you about the Devotec Solar Sound. It is a new and totally unique product, being the first solar powered Bluetooth stereo speaker system available on the global market. The in-built solar panel can keep the music going for hours and it is fully compatible with all the latest cellphones such as the iPhone.


Samsung E1107 Crest Phone [Powered by Solar]


The Samsung E1107 Crest phone comes with a solar panel on the back side. The panel is designed to charge its 800 mAh battery. But it seems the panel won’t save you much because to get 5-10 minutes of extra talk-time, you need to place the phone 1 hour under the sun. Highlights: Dual-band GSM (900/1800 MHz), 1.52-inch display with 128 x 128 resolution, FM Radio, MP3 ringtones, Built-in flashlight, and Mobile Tracker.