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Sony’s new DEV-50V Digital Recording Binoculars


Sony’s new DEV-50V digital recording binoculars is 30% lighter than their predecessors. So what does it mean? It means you will carry less and capture more without the hassle of carrying extra gear, but you’are stil able to observe wildlife in close-up, snap photos and shoot video. The DEV-50V binoculars is equipped with XGA OLED Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder and boasts a precise autofocus system to keep focusing while zooming or when subject’s moving rapidly. What you need to do is simply pressing the shutter button to grab 20.4 megapixel still photos.

Camera Binoculars – Bushnell ImageView

Camera Binoculars - Bushnell ImageView


Have you ever tried to take a picture with your camera through a binocular lens? Probably not; It’s a tough feat, and there is a much better way. It would seem that every new electronic gizmo has a camera attached to it nowadays (phones, laptops, etc), and binoculars are no exception. Camera binoculars offer the explorer an entirely new way to document their exciting travels. Bushnell sells an affordable ImageView camera binocular series. Realize that with camera binoculars, just as with point and shoot digital cameras, there is a wide range of quality levels. So with a budget binocular camera, ranging from $60-$80, you can expect a fun gadget, but don’t expect HD quality.

Digital Camera Binoculars from Thanko


Powered by 4x AAA batteries, the Thanko’s UDGZDC8M camera binoculars featuring a 8Mpix sensor that allow users to capture images and record videos in WVGA mode (320 x 240) or VGA mode (640 x 480). Coming with 1.5 inch LCD screen, the binoculars also feature a 4x digital zoom, and SD / SDHC memory card slot that support up to 16GB.


Gadget Universe – Ultra Zoom 20 125x Binoculars

Ultra Zoom 20 125x Binoculars Image
(credit: skymall)

This gold color binoculars measures 4″ x 4.25″ x 1.25″. The advance feature “ultra zoom capability” take our attention seriously! The feature, solve the common need of hunters, mountain climbers, hikers or any adventure seeker. They claimed it is the most powerful yet compact binoculars available today. The handy tripod also available for your convenient at skymall for only $29.95 (tripod only) and the binoculars price at $149.95 (subject to change).

tripod ultra zoom 20 125x binoculars
(credit: skymall)