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GALAXY Note 10.1 with Multiscreen Feature

The new GALAXY Note 10.1 is available in the U.S. Powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM, this Android-powered tablet features true multitasking ...

Galaxy Note, Let's Note Any Ideas!

I was lucky when I visited Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya in November, 2011. Why? because there was an event by Samsung, the company was demonstrating the new Galaxy Note to their customers in Indonesia. But ...

Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC

Samsung announced the Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC, an easy-to-use desktop computer. Featuring an Intel® CoreTM i3 or Intel® CoreTM i5 processor and Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system, the Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC ...

GALAXY Nexus, Finally!

Samsung and Google, announced GALAXY Nexus, featuring a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display technology at 720p resolution and a 1.2GHz dual core processor. Mentioned as the world’s first smartphone running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, ...

Lenovo C325 All-In-One Desktop

Available with starting price at $699, Lenovo C325 All-In-One desktop allows users to watch DVDs using the AIOs’ DVD player/optional burner or stream movies through the WiFi connection. Starting with a large 20-inch LED-backlit display, ...

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What are the Benefits of Fibre Broadband?

fibre broadband The rollout of fibre optic broadband from providers like TalkTalk is the subject of a lot of buzz right now; everyone wants to be part of the superfast revolution. But how do superfast internet connections work, and what are the benefits of a fibre connection over traditional copper wire phone line connections?

Fibre broadband transmits your internet connection through fibre optic wires which are capable of maintaining strong signal over much greater distances than a phone line, and are much less susceptible to interference. A fibre connection can also deliver much higher speeds – which will become increasingly handy over the next few years as we continue to place great demand on our internet connections.

If you are getting online through a typical ADSL copper wire connection, you may experience various issues with your connection. For example, during peak usage times you may see your connection slow down significantly as other people log on and there is less signal to go around. Problems with internal wiring or the eventual decay of the copper wire delivering your connection can also causes problems in the long term.

Your ADSL broadband speed is likely be limited to around 24Mbps, whereas a fibre connection has the potential to go much, much faster. Although 24Mbps is sufficient for many users at the moment, it will start to look pretty basic over the next few years as much faster connections become the norm. A fibre connection could offer you speeds of well over 100Mbps right now, and this number will increase again over the next few years. This makes fibre connections ideal for heavy internet users, including online gamers and those who stream movies, TV or download music regularly.

Family homes or shared houses are likely to benefit particularly from a fibre connection. These households often have a range of internet user types – from low users who just log on to check emails, get directions and read the news, to heavy users as described above. Many providers now offer superfast connections wherever available, so it is well worth considering making the move to fibre if you can.

There are two different types of fibre optic broadband; fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP). With FTTC technology all the homes or premises on a street gain access to the internet using the same connection; supplied to a local cabinet. FTTP technology means every building receives its own fibre cable. This option provides the strongest and best connection – but it is of course much harder to implement and requires a much more complicated broadband infrastructure. So your fibre connection is likely to be supplied using FTTC technology.

If you or those you share your internet with are heavy internet users, or if you are running a business or enterprise, a fibre broadband connection will give you much faster upload and download speeds, less interference and a connection that is less vulnerable to decay over time – and fibre broadband is the future of home internet access globally so join the revolution and start surfing superfast now!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker by HiddenRadio

Portable Bluetooth Speaker by HiddenRadio

The new compact yet powerful HiddenRadio Wireless Speaker and FM radio all-in-one is now available with pricing starting at $149.95. Offered in Metallic Silver, Graphite Black or Pure White, this portable speaker features 360° Sound for a full audio experience to over 90dB. Key Features: Multifunctional; Iconic Design; Simple, Intuitive, Loud; Truly Portable; and Wireless Freedom.

Motorola IRONROCK Smartradio

Introduced by Nextel, Motorola IRONROCK is a multi-network Smartradio device featuring a 4.3’ touchscreen. This device allows users to connect continuously to their networks through Nextel’s data and voice network. Powered by a 1.2GHz dual-processor, the IRONROCK runs Android and pre-loaded with Quickoffice suite that enables users to access and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets easily. Sure, it’s also able to run games at high speed and play HD videos smoothly.

Need Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter? TP-Link N600!

TP-Link  N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter

TP-Link’s new TL-WDN3200 N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter allows users to access 5GHz connections or legacy 2.4GHz connections at 300Mbps. Compatible with Windows XP 32/64bit, Vista 32/64bit, and Windows 7 32/64bit, the TL-WDN3200’s 5GHz band wireless connections eliminating the interference from neighboring wireless devices or even household appliances. With price tag of $29.99 MSRP, the Adapter offers a high-quality connections ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications such as HD video streaming and online gaming.

Jabra CLIPPER in Trendy Colours

When I was looking for a headset for my little sister’s new Galaxy tab 2 in Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya a month ago, a seller recommended me a cheap headset from Jabra. And I bought it without a doubt, I did it because I have posted many products from Jabra in this blog. And now I want to show you something new from Jabra again. The company has launched its stylish summer collection which includes fashionable CLIPPER models in trendy colours. Its the perfect amalgamation of fashion and technology.

World’s Smallest Router from TP-Link

Wireless on the go can be a hassle, especially when working from an area with slow or outdated connectivity. That’s why every mobile user should take along a portable wireless router. With TP-Link’s solutions you simply plug it into your nearest outlet, port in an ethernet connection and prepare to sail the web while traveling. These small routers can even handle video-calling, in case a last-minute Skype session is in order before you fly.

Glasswing Portable Hemoglobin (Hb) Measurement System / by OrSense

OrSense introduced Glasswing, the wireless, non-invasive hemoglobin (Hb) measurement system for anemia monitoring, hemorrhage detection and pre-donation screening. Introduced at the 32nd ISBT, in Mexico, the new portable system enables on-line storage and download of data, real-time communication with electronic medical records as well as with other digital data devices and printers. The device is well suited for use in a variety of clinical environments, including hospital, blood donation centers, etc.

Does Your Broadband Speed Need a Kick?

mobile broadband

You’ve set up your broadband connection, but is your internet speed as fast as it could be? There is a common misconception that your broadband connection speed is only dependent on your service provider but there is still a huge divide between those speeds that are advertised and the speeds that you are receiving. For the amount you are paying, you want your connection to be the best it can be. So here are some simple and effective things you can do to manipulate your broadband speed and make your connection more efficient:-

Reduce bandwidth sharing

Ever had that sinking feeling when your broadband goes from a speedy to painfully slow? Whether it’s your children streaming videos on their iPhones, or your neighbours high jacking your un-secured network, you feel the full force of bandwidth sharing. This is when someone or something is stealing your connection. Often, software such as file-sharing, security updates and video streaming are using your broadband connection, which run in the background on your device. You can prevent unnecessary programmes from using your bandwidth by ensuring all programmes ask for permission before they start. Also it’s important to make sure that your network is protected by a passcode so your neighbours don’t steal your connection and slow it down.