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VIXIA HF G30 Camcorder

VIXIA HF G30 camcorder

Designed for video enthusiasts and advanced amateurs, Canon VIXIA HF G30 camcorder features a powerful 20x Genuine Canon HD Video Lens, MP4 recording, and built-in Wi-Fi capability with dual band wireless support. Scheduled to be available in June with an estimated retail price of $1,699.99., this compact camcorder comes with a 20x wide-angle (35mm equivalent: 26.8mm – 536mm) f/1.8 HD Video Lens and new Wi-Fi Remote feature that enables users to control the camcorder remotely and change settings via their tablet, smartphone or PC.

Sketching and Drawing on iPad are Fun


When I was a kid, I used to love to draw. And my greatest moment was in primary school when I won some awards for this hobby. Now I still love to draw in my spare time. But I don’t draw on paper any more, I draw digitally on my new iPad with the help of Ten1 Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus as the newest addition to my collection of iPad accessories. You may wonder what app I use to draw and sketch, I choose PAPER app from Fifty Three. The app is very intuitive, easy to use, and proudly wins Apple Design Award 2012.

The Trendiest Gadgets For 2013

s3fronts The year 2012 has come and gone, and with it all the technological innovations launched in 2012, making way for a flood of new gadgets in 2013.

We saw the release of a Samsung quad-core mobile phones with burst shoot capabilities, ginormous 84inch 3D HD televisions by LG with voice recognition that will set you back a pretty penny, and portable gaming with high quality graphics and touch capability of the PSP Vita. It was a year of much technological advancement which took years in the making. It was a remarkable year for the followers of technology as they were blessed with many cutting-edge products from small manufacturers up to the titans of the tech world. The year 2012 shall be remembered as a pretty great year for the tech world and needless to say, we have nothing to do but look forward to what 2013 has in store for us.

For you console gamers out there and fans of the Xbox 360, you better be prepared for the new Xbox 720 which is set to be unveiled in the summer of 2013. The new beast is supposedly going to be called Durango and packs a quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, Blu-ray capability, live TV recording, 3D gaming features with augmented reality glasses of course.

CDW Cloud Collaboration, Your True Cloud Based Solution!


No doubt, the cloud service has become a trending in business solution. An easy access and tight security gives the staffs and others who involving in the company a great mobility and safe place to support their job from anywhere, anytime, on any devices they love to. Maybe, that's a reason why the CDW Cloud Collaboration is here.

 CDW Cloud Collaboration is a new solution in CDW's solution and services portfolio that leverage Unified Communication to provide staffs the ability to seamlessly collaborate through collaboration tools from Cisco Systems with CDW's managed service. Short of, this service will pack your business tools : email, voicemail, video conferencing, blog, customer service support, file sharing and others in one interface, accessible on one device to simplify and speedy the interaction between staff-to-staff or staff-to-customer for gaining better productivity.

So, why CDW Cloud Collaboration not others? The first reason is this service is run by CDW. Even though, it's a new solution in their portfolio, but don't even think that they are a beginner in this field, They have ton experiences, handling Unified Communication or to host collaboration tools are their daily basis. It's just like their sister. In a fact, they already completed more than 4,000 Cisco Unified Communication developments in past decade.

The second, CDW plants this service at their own Tier III-IV facility of 485,000-square-foot data center with the latest technology of world class virtualized architecture. It ensures your Cloud Collaboration service has speedy access and compromising security. So, you are worry-free from being hacked or the service will suddenly stop or not responding.  The service will always stay on, safe and fast whenever you need it.

The third, CDW has many expert staffs in their box, over 50 CDW's staffs are Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts.  When you decided to purchase this service, you don't need to be troubled by how to manage the complexity of hardware and software, the expert staffs will be there, smiling and setting everything for you. Perhaps, it's too much for your IT staffs, but for them, it's like eating hotdogs, as simple as that. And they are always ready for 24×7, day and night, to support your need.

At last but not least, the package of this service is very flexible. Whether you are running a small or big business, you will find a fittest service package that suitable for your business. More, the package is pay-as-you-go model. So, you don't have to pay what you don't use.

With a competent company, world class facility, world class staffs with world class support and service, this CDW Cloud Collaboration is your true cloud based solution. If you need more info about this service please read more at CDW’s Solutions blog and watch the video below.


CDW is a current advertiser on my blog.  All opinions are mine.

Saving Money for the Trendy ‘Techy’

As much as we may love technology, it’s not always cheap. With negligent spending, it’s quite easy to waste a lot of your income simply on technology alone.

To this end, here are a couple of tips to help you save your money. This is important whether you’re saving up for something special or just want to keep costs down. Whether it’s saving money on your broadband bill, or simply avoiding the latest devices, these are two very simple options with great benefits.


Most devices use the internet these days, so it’s rather important. Yet it doesn’t need to be expensive. Take the time to search and you can find reliable, fast broadband deals to suit your needs and budget. This will further be affected by your download speed requirements, but the modern market is flexible and all these options.

It is worth remembering that even the fastest device with massive processors is pointless if your internet is slow anyway. You need both a reliable internet service and device; having one but not the other is generally pointless in its aims.

Different Brands

Branding isn’t everything. Whilst devices like the iPhone dominate the market, they’re not your only option. The android platform has proven just that.

Basically, you don’t always need the latest and greatest. Android and other platforms offer many of the benefits anyway, usually for a much smaller cost. These developers still provide quality products, so there’s no need to rely on the latest model every year either.

Your Storage Management and Virtualization Solution

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CDW for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Whether it's a big or small business, there is data that needs to be managed and stored. It wouldn’t be problem at all when there are only a few bits of data. The problem is the data grows week by week, year to year. It leads to large amount of more complex data into the IT environment. When that time comes, if you are in charge to handle it, you will realize a common IT solution is not a smart solution, you need special one.
CDW, Computer Discount Warehouse, a leading provider of technology products and service for business, government, and education, has a service to deal with your problem, CDW's data storage management and virtualization.
With such a large amount of data involved, you most likely have to store it in various places on your computer. Hence, it's not an easy task to manage and monitor the stored data. We must have the right answer to how the data should be stored, which storage that is overused or not, which data that should be deleted or kept, how to give a quick access, or do we need more storage for data and so on. The CDW's data storage management and virtualization solution is here for that.
The data storage management solution comes with  storage management software, archiving software, E-Discovery software and Data De-duplication feature inside the Blade Servers will simplify our data storage systems, so we have flexible, systematic, standard , and less redundant stored data. Meanwhile the data storage virtualization solution will properly store the data to their block across the Storage Area Networks and virtualize the stored data to be appear as a single 'virtual' data storage system.
Indeed, by having CDW's Data Storage Management and Virtualization solution integrates into our IT data storage systems, it will Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40% or more as well as the users can easily access, search, index the stored data.
If you want to know how you should manage your data and …your sanity , you can download CDW's Red Report free for limited time. This document gives you an exclusive insider view, so you can learn how to: gain faster access to critical info, better support your workforce, protect organizational data, and eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies.


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Halloween Technology

Jabra STREET2 Bluetooth Pendant --- Technology Meets Fashion The speed with which technology advances is a little scary; what people have discovered and invented only in the 20th century exceeds by far the technological advances of all previous centuries.

Only thinking about the amazing inventions like airplanes, space rockets, computers and Internet, television and radio, is enough to get us a little dizzy. But it seems that’s not enough for inventors, programmers, developers and scientists who keep searching for ways not only to keep the technological progress going, but also to amuse themselves.

Funny and Scary Inventions

Perhaps we’re still far away from having automatic surgical cubicles, like the one in the movie “Prometheus” where the main actress (pregnant with an alien) has an abortion without any surgeon present, but there are so many things we use in our everyday lives that are amazing enough (if only we stopped taking them for granted).

#1 Instant photo sending option using mobile phone
Smart phones have swamped the market; there are new models coming out practically every day. These attractive “toys” enable us to share funny, joyful moments with family and friends who are far away in new ways. Not only can we shout to them that we are having fun, we can press a few buttons in the matter of seconds and send them a great snapshot of how much fun we are having.

#2 Robot vacuum-cleaners
A dream come true to all who hate cleaning their apartments, robot vacuum-cleaners are slowly populating the homes of those who can afford them. Sometimes they are not as efficient as regular manual vacuum cleaners, though. They can be very funny when they get stuck under a sofa, or tangled in cables. But they usually get the job done, and who would have guessed some twenty years ago that a robot would be helping us with house chores? Now, let’s only hope they don’t develop conscience and start a war against us.

#3 Employee tracking system
One of the horrors for employed people is a relatively new invention: the employee tracking system. There are several versions of this software that allow employers to spy on their workers via computer and monitor how they spend their working hours. Gone are the days of playing video games, chatting with friends or watching the latest comedy shows at work. Scary…

Most new inventions are developed with the purpose of somehow aiding people in their endeavors. However, many of them can also be used against us. Hopefully, we still have the right mind to prevent this from happening and to enjoy the positive aspects of what technology brings us.

Why It Pays to Choose a Good-looking Gadget

You’ve taken a great deal of time and effort to choose the right shoes, a fashion-forward jacket, and co-ordinating bag. Your home is filled with designer furniture that costs a fortune for the price-tag alone, and your kitchen is a haven for Smeg fridges and Krups coffee-makers. Now it comes to choosing a new computer and you’re buying that nondescript grey box with a slot for the CD drive?

Why, when there is so much choice out there, do we limit ourselves to the things we know best? Today’s computers and gadgets come in a range of colours shapes and sizes – built to fit your requirements for both fashion and functionality. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose trendy gadgets over run-of-the-mill ones.

Think of yourself as a brand, and what the items you carry say about your “brand”. Turn up to a business meeting with a dodgy old laptop and you’ll probably just get a “look”. Arrive with a state of the art Macbook, and you don’t just benefit from the latest technology; it’s also a conversation starter that makes you appear more professional. Apple puts a great deal of thought into its simple, yet functional, streamlined designs – and you’d recognise its quality on first glance. Check out the range of tablets at Ebuyer to get ahead of the curve.

In general, your gadgets will be with you for several years at the very least, and what’s cutting edge now probably won’t look so great after that time has passed. So give yourself a head start. Choosing the newest designs means they’ll take longer to go out of fashion, which means by the time it is old news to you, the bargain buyers will only just be catching on.

As with everything else, you pay more for items that look better – but it’s what your gadgets say about you that makes the real impact.