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GALAXY Note 10.1 with Multiscreen Feature

The new GALAXY Note 10.1 is available in the U.S. Powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM, this Android-powered tablet features true multitasking ...

Galaxy Note, Let's Note Any Ideas!

I was lucky when I visited Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya in November, 2011. Why? because there was an event by Samsung, the company was demonstrating the new Galaxy Note to their customers in Indonesia. But ...

Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC

Samsung announced the Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC, an easy-to-use desktop computer. Featuring an Intel® CoreTM i3 or Intel® CoreTM i5 processor and Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system, the Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC ...

GALAXY Nexus, Finally!

Samsung and Google, announced GALAXY Nexus, featuring a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display technology at 720p resolution and a 1.2GHz dual core processor. Mentioned as the world’s first smartphone running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, ...

Lenovo C325 All-In-One Desktop

Available with starting price at $699, Lenovo C325 All-In-One desktop allows users to watch DVDs using the AIOs’ DVD player/optional burner or stream movies through the WiFi connection. Starting with a large 20-inch LED-backlit display, ...

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Category: PDAs

Dell Mini 3i Smart Phone Hits China Mobile


Dell Mini 3i Smart Phones will meet people of Republic China through China Mobile by the end of this month. The Mini 31 is a sleek and slim new multi-touch smart phone that available in Red Passion and Oiled Bronze colors. Highlights: 3.5” nHD 640×360 display, Quadband GSM/EDGE, GPS, Bluetooth, and MicroSD.


The World Most Expensive Blackberry

Alexander Amosu is name you probably heard of; he recently created the world most expensive suit costing £70,000 which is in the Guinness book of records.

Well! It’s no surprise that he just finished creating the world most expensive diamond encrusted blackberry, it took 350 hours of painstaking craftsmanship in solid 18 carat yellow gold, encrusted with 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds (weighing 28.43 carats).


Nokia N900 Phone/Tablet


Running on Maemo 5 operating system, the new Nokia N900 phone claimed itself as a tablet. For surfing the net, the N900 enable its users to run Firefox and enjoy it on its 3.5″ resistive WVGA screen. Highlights: Flash 9 compatible, a 5-megapixel camera with a flash, sliding QWERTY keyboard, and multitasking support. Expected to hit the streets in October, the device will be priced at $718.


Toshiba’s TG01 Smartphone on Orange Network


Running Windows Mobile 6.1. operating system, the Toshiba’s TG01 smartphone has been on Orange network since Friday last week. It’s offered in two-year contract with £39.15 per month plan, or equal to £939.6 for 24 month. Powered by Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the TG01 is mentioned as the fastest mobile phone in the universe. Other highlights: 4.1-inch resistive touch display and 9.9mm thick.


Acer’s Android Phone to Follow


Acer joined the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) and knows exactly that Android is mainly developed for mobile phone, so if they developing Android-based netbook, it’s a deep sin if not developing Android-powered phone. And yes, its upcoming Android smartphone to be ready in Q4 2009. So what the phone will look like? let’s wait and see..


BlackBerry Storm 2 to Support WiFi


Since its release a year ago, the BlackBerry Storm has been complained because it doesn’t support WiFi and the interface doesn’t deliver satisfaction. Based on that facts, BlackBerry plans to offers its upgraded version called Storm 2. The report said that the next version Storm will support WiFi and will have better touchscreen interface. Expected to be available in September, and combined with RIM’s new App World for BlackBerry, the Storm 2 could be a really good answer to iPhone 3G.


Kyocera G2GO M2000 Text-Centric Phone


The new G2GO M2000 just announced by Kyocera as the company’s third-generation handset to offer an affordable full QWERTY keypad. Coming with 2.4-inch QVGA display, the G2GO also equipped with an accelerometer to switch its display orientation automatically. In addition to phone function, the device also supports Instant Messaging, IMAP/POP3 email, music playing, and photo editing.


HTC Snap QWERTY Smartphone (HTC S522)

htc snap

The HTC Snap just announced by HTC Corportaion as its latest QWERTY smatphone. Featuring Inner Circle, the Snap has ability to prioritize messages from the most important people in user’s lives at the press of a button. The HTC Snap is scheduled to hit the market in Q2 of 2009 and its unlocked version (HTC S522) to follow in summer. Highlights: 12 mm of thickness, up to 8.5 hours of talk time with the standard 1500mAh battery, full QWERTY keyboard, 3G HSPA connectivity, and Windows Mobile® 6.1.