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Telecommunications: The way forward?

2428 The IT profession can seem pretty hard to not just progress in, but enter. However, speaking to an IT recruitment agency will show reports of an upswing in one particular field: telecoms. The reasons are various, and while certain other fields can be stagnant in any economic environment, telecoms is surging because of the ever-changing nature of technology. It is also a very specialised field. Also, one thing that will never change is that companies will always need to keep in touch with a vast web of resources, not least being their customers.

So who is looking?

The people who are looking to recruit are not just large telecom multinationals like Siemens, Motorola, and BT, but also financial services, the public sector and SMEs. There is very little doubt that the importance of having a well prepared communications system is every bit as important as working IT systems and a robust compliance staff.

The choices for a telecoms career are more varied than you might think, too. Jobs in telecommunications can range from being a member of a call centre to Project Management and beyond, invoking all the skills you will have learned in IT.


Lots of people in your company may think of telecoms people as just those ones to call to replace a dud phone, or replace cables, and so on. You know that is not true, any more than any IT support department is just there to say ‘Turn it off and on again’.

The life blood of any company is the ability to communicate with the outside world, which is why you matter so. It’s not a nine to five job; it is imperative to have everything available 24/7 in these days of disaster recovery and market wobbles. That’s why companies want people like with the experience and knowledge to carry them through anything.

My Brown Rivacase Tablet Bag

Rivacase 8112 Tablet Bag 10.2  - Brown

There are so many accessories available to protect our tablet from dust, scratch, shock, or water. In the rainy day, I have an Aquapac waterproof iPad case to make my tablet stays dry. But in common situation, whilst I transport my tablet around, I take my brown Rivacase Tablet Bag to keep it safe but still offering easy access. This shoulder bag supports up to 10.2″ tablet and features an internal pocket that enables me to store some iPad accessories and some books. On the outside, there are two additional pockets that I really love it.

How to Stream Movies without Sacrificing Quality

With the ever-decreasing number of brick and mortar video stores, digital distribution has become massively popular over the last few years. Services like BBC iPlayer, Rogers OnDemand and Netflix have revolutionized the ways that people access their media — it’s an online game now. And given that most of us are now watching all our favorite films and TV shows via an Internet connection, it might be time to ask yourself: am I ready to sell my DVDs and Boxsets?

How has this changed the way we view our media?

According to a recent Akamai Technologies study conducted by Jupiter Research:

  • 46% of online consumers watch online video monthly or more frequently.
  • 43% of online consumers who connect to the Internet by broadband watch online video at least once per week.
  • 80% of online video users accept the presence of advertising as a trade-off for providing free online video content.

The most frequent complaints among surveyed consumers were slow load times and playback interruption for buffering purposes. Finally, a whopping 42% of online consumers indicated that they were less interested in online video content, preferring their TVs for a rich viewing experience.

OtterBox Case for BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

OtterBox Case for BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

Have you had the new BlackBerry 10 that’s was launched in late January? The re-designed BlackBerry platform is available on two new LTE-enabled smartphones, the BlackBerry Z10 (all-touch) and BlackBerry® Q10 (touch with physical keyboard). I don’t know which model you prefer, I just want to show you the new case from OtterBox to protect the Z10 model.

Smartwatch for iPhone and Android

smartwatch for iPhone and Android

Claimed as the really first smartwatch for iPhone and Android, i’m Watch is protected by three revolutionary patents: Bluetooth tethering, Bluetooth Antenna in a metal case, and Smart Tethering. Just leave your smartphone in your pocket and reply directly from your i’m Watch. The smartwatch interacts with the smartphone allowing you to have calls, text messages, e-mails, notifications, music, agenda, weather, photos and any app you could want or invent, directly on your wrist.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini


Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini is a slim protective keyboard cover designed to help you typing easily on your iPad mini. Available this month for $79.99 MSRP, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini features an integrated magnets and has a slim aluminum cover. Using Bluetooth to connect to the iPad mini, the keyboard also has an instant On/Off feature and offers a three-month battery life.

CST-01: World’s Thinnest Watch is Here


Thinner than a credit card, the CST-01 is claimed as the thinnest watch in the world at only 0.80mm thick. Inspired by the capabilities of E Ink’s electronic paper displays, this watch is manufactured by a Chicago-based company, Central Standard Timing (CST). Regarding powerhouse, the CST-01 comes with an embedded Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell that charges in 10 minutes from an external dock, lasts for over a month and has a lifetime of 15 years. The CST-01 is available to back on Kickstarter. Pre-orders are being taken for $129/each and is expected to ship in Q2 2013.

It’s a Table not a Tablet, but…

Lenovo  IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC is Lenovo‘s first “interpersonal PC,” a multi-user, multi-touch, multi-mode device for the home that allows users to turn their personal computing experience into a shared computing experience. If you’re curious how the device works, you can visit CES 2013 where the company showing off its 39-inch Table PC model, called “Gamma”. Powered by Windows 8, the table offers 10-finger touch support to deliver real multi-user entertainment experiences.